Announcement: Comment Section Changes

Hello, Nexus readers and friends!

Starting today, we are switching to a registration-required, moderation-approved comment system for the site. You will have to login via social media or your WordPress account to comment on any articles and pages. This will eventually become a more integrated Facebook-based system, but we are making an interim transition today as we implement the final product.


Many Magic content sites have already switched away from a purely anonymous comment system, and in light of some recent comments, we are doing the same. Criticism and feedback is always welcome, whether positive or negative. That said, we expect it to be constructive, relatively civil, and based on some degree of evidence and argument. As long as comments fit that pattern, they’ll be approved for posting in all articles.

Feel free to comment on this post, or email me, if you have any questions about this change. See you all around the site!

Editor in Chief

20 thoughts on “Announcement: Comment Section Changes

    1. It’s definitely going to be tedious for you guys to have to go ahead and approve each comment, but it’s still better than having an unmoderated comments section.

      I’m with Jacob here. I really don’t like Facebook, and I don’t utilize it, so will this be a future problem if I wish to continue posting comments on this site?

    1. Same! We have a lot of great readers out there with smart Modern opinions to share, and I believe the anonymous-posting environment pushed many away. Hopefully this changes now!

  1. Great thing. But please do keep Google login. I dont’ want to make social account just for comments. It’s very annoing can’t comment most of the sites due to social media issue!

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